Nowadays, technology is a vital edge for any company that has it. Transcor believes very strongly in utilizing our technological advantage. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment for our warehouse, trucks, drivers and office operations. Bar coding, radio frequency technology, fiber optics, digital data transmission and exceptional computer literacy are all examples of technology we utilize daily. Our customers have seen our future and engaged us as their business partners.

Systems are a Transcor strength that has provided us with an edge for years. We have designed numerous customer specific applications that save them time and money. Some of our customers can dial into our computer systems to get "hot" information that is up to the minute. Other customers send us information we need over the internet. We have on-staff programmers that allow us to start and complete projects quickly. We know how important it is to you to have access to such things as inventory levels, delivery status and order processing. If you need specialized computer services, you need to contact us.

We offer:

Standard E.D.I file transfer

Custom file transference

E.D.I. trading partners via V.A.N. of your choice

Direct system access for Proof of Delivery, Inventory Information and Order Status

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